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Low cost and generally customized lightweight industrial Robot able to handle the diversity and process variables in modern manufacturing.

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About us

Danes have a legacy to cherish from the time when the Vikings ruled the world from Africa to North America. It was time for tough men but also for men seeking knowledge. The Vikings could be defined as innovative - they found their way across the Atlantic without having any kind of compass. Our whole society is built on the same basic principles as the Vikings founded - seek knowledge and be innovative.
Blue Workforce is, just like the Vikings, going to show the way through newfound technology land. We collect new data and combine them into new innovative solutions.
Like The Vikings, we give our new products (babies) names that give you an exact description of what we are offering our customers.
Ragnar was a legendary ruler and hero from the Viking age. He is described in old Viking poetry and several sagas. This name attracts attention just for the fact that the new invented Ragnar Robot will be dominating the robotic world in the future.
Hugin was one of the ravens who brought news from the world to The Viking God Odin. Hugin means “having in mind” which is just what our 3D cameras do when they work.
Kraka was Ragnar's wife - and a very wise one. She solved the riddle, just like our Kraka Platform for automatic handling and packaging does. The riddle we have solved gives our costumers a platform that among other things is fast, flexible and easy to access and manage.
We hope you will find just what you need from Blue Workforce

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