Robotic Workforce

BlueWorkforce sets new standards for our customers preformans by adding ground breaking new technology


Job to be done

Blue Workforce is characterized by the never ending search for new creative and solid solutions for the job to by done


The Last Mile

Our work is not finished until the customer can obtain the full benefit of our solution

Who we are

Blue Workforce proudly introduces The Ragnar Robot. A ground breaking elegantly modular designed platform with open control software offering unmatched cost-performance. Optimized by factors in cost, footprint and workspace. The Ragnar Robot Game Changing cost efficiency entrance level allows customers to explore applications like 3D printing and pick n´ place including next generation gripping. The Ragnar Robot interface with our new innovativ 3D vision guided web-based platform The HuginEYE 3D sensor. A self-tuning camera that both learns and optimize the performance as you go.

Ragnar Robot scales up to reach, payload and speed unseen yet to enable new and down-cost critical returns. Ragnar is deveuloped in the light of the global trend of increased demands for highly automated and flexible manufacturing to produce close to its markets and adapt aqiley.

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The founder of Blue Workforce and the creater of The octoMATION platform and octoGRIPPERS Preben Hjørnet has since 2006 connected the dots towards this moment were Blue Workforce is capable to supply it's costumers with long lasting solutions. All BLUE Employees are committed to standards way over the existing level. Now we are facing Groundbreaking Innovation and just a few steps from the finale goal