Blue REALITY is a simulation tool that can simulate production setup in the packaging and loading industry. By using the drag and drop functionality inside Blue REALITY you can easily create a simulation of your production workflow with running conveyor belts and a functioning robot.

We can easily find out if your product can be handled with our RAGNAR robot, by making a simple simulation of your setup. By running the simulation, we will see if your product is suitable to be handled by a robot.

See a presentation of Blue REALITY by CEO Preben Hjørnet or COO Carl Erik Skjølstrup to the right.



It can be a hard decision to automate a production. Many risks are taken in connection with the changeover. Blue Workforce has now made this changeover easier by the help of Blue REALITY. Many factors are important when considering getting a robot into your production, but by making a simulation you will get to the conclusion faster than normal.

A simulation is an easy and cheap way to figure out if your production can be made more productive using robotic workforce. The simulation is put up as a one to one with reality to help you decide if it is a possible solution for your production. The simulation thus become a tool to help you decide if a robot is a possible solution for your production.



There are two ways to get a simulation, either you call Blue Workforce and we will make a simulation for you or you install the Blue REALITY software on your computer and you make the simulation yourself. Either way we are here to help and support you in the making.

To get the Blue REALITY software contact Blue Workforce. You can see our contact information here.


About Blue REALITY

Blue REALITY is a simulation software made by Blue Workforce based on V-rep made by Coppelia Robotics, which was acquired by Blue Workforce in December 2016. Check out  Coppelia Robotics here. Blue REALITY is made to be able to simulate production setups in the packaging and loading industry.