Generic Sphere

Be aware that the sphere is easily affected by any force in the scene and can easily roll off. General Set the name, diameter and weight of the sphere Roundness ... Colors Set the color of the sphere by sliding on the three colorbars. Repository Add the sphere to the part repository.  
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Generic Box

General Set the name, size and weight of the box. The name given here is the name that will show up when added in the part repository and used when referenced in advanced editing. Colors Change the color of the box by sliding on the three colorbars. Repository This is where you add the part…
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Ragnar Robot

RAGNAR Robot Settings General Name Enabled Maximum Speed (mm/s) Maximum Acceleration (mm/s2) Dynamics (deg/s) Show Statistics (if checked a window with sttistics on the up/down time for the robot will show when running the simulation) Workspace Show actual workspace (if checked the calculated area which the robot can reach is shown) Show actual workspace also…
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