Blue Workforce proudly introduces The RAGNAR Robot. A ground breaking elegantly modular designed platform with open control software offering unmatched cost-performance. Optimized by factors in cost, footprint and workspace. The RAGNAR Robot Game Changing cost efficiency entrance level allows customers to explore applications like pick n´ place including next generation gripping. The RAGNAR Robot interface with our new innovative 3D vision guided web-based platform The HUGIN EYE 3D sensor. A self-tuning camera that both learns and optimizes the performance as you go.

RAGNAR Robot scales up to reach, payload and speed unseen yet to enable new and down-cost critical returns. RAGNAR is developed in the light of the global trend of increased demands for highly automated and flexible manufacturing to produce close to its markets and adapt agilely.



Sometimes the one-size fit all standard is not good enough. We are prepared for that and encourage you to make RAGNAR special for your production.
Though it seems easy just to extent the arms and base frame to enlarger the workspace this is not an easy matter. But Blue Workforce has made this possible by unique and groundbreaking kinematic technology.
Customized workspace - contact for further info





Blue Workforce gives you the opportunity to design the frame for your RAGNAR Robot. Maybe you need to build your production up high, maybe you do not need a frame at all or all you need is our standard frame.Oue frame is on wheels because you can move RAGNAR robot around at different workstations in your production - just like one of your workers.
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Through long technology research and over a decade of development, Blue Workforce now presents FREKE GRIP. The most stable, fast and gentle gripper on the marked. The different designs and the material used enables our grippers to shape themselves around the items being handled.
A 250 gram light weight construction. Easy to assemble, change and clean.

Sm1ag Approved for food handling
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RAGNAR is based on open-source software standards and the firmware itself is open-source. That means RAGNAR does not require a specialized knowledge. If you are already familiar with ROS, you will be able to work on the machine right away and the fact that the firmware is released on an Apache license allows anyone to do exactly that. RAGNAR opens up for a large community, eligible to add their contribution to the future development of RAGNAR.