Low cost, light weight, modular, scalable and portable parallel robot

To be flexible, efficient and adaptable in your production means that your automation equipment must be modular and configurable as well.  Therefore "One size fit all" automation are no longer suitable for the world of modern production.

Groundbreaking new kinematic innovation powered by BlueWorkforce has made it possible to produce a robot that gives you the opportunity to build customized robots out of RAGNAR Robot building blocks suitable for a lot of product handling jobs which requires extended reach and rigidness to insure consistent handling of your product.

Light weight and low cost means rethinking every choice of material without compromising the demand of quality. Working together with one of the world leading plastic manufactures we decided to replace as many parts as possible with fiber reinforced plastic. The resultat is a 30 kg robot.

Selected RAGNAR Robot industrial frame and get a portable robot system. The robot can now be used  in several production locations, giving you even greater flexibility.

A modular robot system can seem rather complex to combine. We have made that more simple by naming 3 standards to get started with. Please find the system that gets the job done in your production

3Systems 3