Some of our solutions

Platform Solutions

Our Platform Solution involves a variety of functions including gripping, manipulation, vision guidance, process control and surveillance that combined becomes parts of the innovative and ground breaking modular designed platform. For all parts it is true that they are optimized in cost/performance by factors and consist of the three most important values for our customers: Accessible, Applicable and Affordable.

Primary Packaging
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Secondary Packaging
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Loading, styling, batching
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Vision Inspection
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Some of our products

Platform Elements

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Øget tilgængelighed af rentable robotløsninger

Robot Nordic og Blue Workforce har fra februar 2019 indgået en forhandleraftale, som giver Robot Nordic mulighed for at tilbyde deres kunder rentable ’pick and place’ automations-løsninger med RAGNAR Robot systemet.

About us

Blue Workforce is a family business founded in Denmark, 2012 by entrepreneur Preben Hjørnet. We started out with a great vision of moving the world towards more sustainable industrial production. To do so, we have made a series of radical innovations of automation technology, making it much more ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE and APPLICABLE than ever.

Our main priority in Blue Workforce is our customers’ “job to be done”. We design, operate and maintain each application as a digital twin in Blue Reality and we can create unique costumer solutions, by configuring and combining elements of our modular product platform.

Today Blue Workforce is a global company with more than 50 employees, situated in sales offices in Denmark, Germany and China, as well as in showrooms, development centers and productions in Denmark and China – and with more to come…