World News – Blue REALITY

We have known this for a while and now we are finally able to share some big news with you. In October we are presenting a world news on the HI Tech & Industry Expo in Herning. At HI Expo we are ready to show our Blue REALITY simulation tool to the entire world.

Blue REALITY software combines the entire process of incorporating and controlling robots in the industry. From the design of production layout over controlling of the installed robot to servicing the robot only one software-tool is now nessesary. Blue REALITY follows you through the three phases with the three parts of Blue REALITY: DESIGNER, CONTROLLER and SERVANT.

With Blue REALITY DESIGNER, companies have the opportunity to design exactly what they need in their production and see a simulation of the results immediately. It does not require any extraordinary computer skills to use Blue REALITY, just understanding of production layout, so it will not require additional resources or a lot of meetings to get a new production layout launched. The company can within a short amount of time test the robot with virtual subjects that mimic their own and thus get a precise and realistic visualization of their specific setup.

Blue REALITY CONTROLLER significantly reduces the start-up period of the robot as the first part of the setup with the customers item is done digitally in Blue REALITY, with initial setup already completed when the RAGNAR robot is delivered. The result is less disturbance of production during the installation period compared to current processes. If the product of the production is changed or the RAGNAR robot is moved to a different production the setup for the new product happens in the same simulation environment that the robot is designed in. Therefore, it is not necessary to use and understand several different programs as all processes use the same software. This means that communication in companies is eased since everyone, both in development and production, has the same software to speak from

With Blue REALITY SERVANT, the company itself has a greater impact on the support of the RAGNAR robot. The same software as the robot is designed in and where the production is controlled, is also used to see, for example, OEE data, spare parts order and troubleshooting. Blue REALITY constantly follows the RAGNAR robot’s production pattern and therefore, updated OEE data is constantly available directly in the production, development or management. The company can easily order spare parts, based on their specific Blue REALITY, and there are no slow intermediaries