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Company Size

110 people

Job to be done

At Rosa Danica they needed a cost-effective solution for transplanting saplings – or so-called plant plugs into pots with pre-drilled holes in the soil. The demand was to release the employee from the tedious potting task and enable him to take responsibility for the full production line, thus only frequent the robot for loading plant plugs into a storage and discharge complete tables with transplanted pots. The success criteria were gentle handling and precise vertical potting of all 680 pots in each growth table without demanding changes to the upstream preparation processes.

Simulation of the job to be done at Rosa Danica. 

"I don’t want 100 excel sheets; I want the solution physically implemented and improved until the operator can turn his back to the machine and today we have a predictable transplanting solution running day in and day out"
Torben Moth Madsen
Owner/CEO, Rosa Danica A/S


With just one RAGNAR Robot the job is now done. The RAGNAR Robot detects the drilled holes in the potting soil with 3D vision, pick the plant plugs one by one from a tray, 46 per minute, and plant the plant plug in each pot passing by the robot on a conveyer belt on their way from the potting machines to the automatic placing machine. The robot communicates with the surrounding equipment on its own, so as soon as pots pass by, the robot by itself, starts to plant.

Video of the final setup. RAGNAR Robot is placing the saplings into pots.


Company description

Rosa Danica A/S is a old Danish horticulture business founded in 1987 producing around 17 million plants per year. They are among the leading companies producing potted plants with a focus on constantly developing and evolving both the production and the products.


Rosa Danica has a history for high tech Green Housing, so when we ran into Torben Moth Madsen, the CEO/Owner, he was not in doubt. “If your spider robot, can do the job and at that price, we have a deal”. This has been the spirit of the cooperation throughout the project.

This project proves that with the right concept and easy-to-use technology even single person jobs can be robotized with a good return-on-investment.

Video showing how the job was handled before RAGNAR Robot was implemented.

Project Data

RobotRAGNAR Robot Industrial
Primary Arm300 mm.
Secondary Arm600 mm.
FrameMobile stainless steel frame
GripperFREKE Grip Bionic gripper
Part to be pickedPlant plug
Part per min.46 parts/min.
Where to placedPots with soil and a drilled hole in the middle
Pick patternA rectangular pattern of 5×8 from a plant-tray detected by micro switch
Vision3D vison detection of pots
InfeedTray belt with plant plugs from a storage and pots with soil on a belt from the potting machine
OutfeedAutomated multi pot displacement device to growth table