Oprør i robotbranchen

Blue Workforces tilbyder en platformsbaseret robotautomationsløsning, som standardløsninger, der som byggeblokke herefter kan konfigureres efter kundens ønske.”   

RAGNAR Robot Educational Robotics development

Educational Robotics Needs

Educational Robotics needs modular and configurable robotics platform to teach and research. http://www.ieee-ras.org/publications/ram/ram-special-issues/special-issue-on-educational-robotics “The scope of this special issue is to advance knowledge in the field of robotics applied to …

ROS Industrial

ROS Industrial – 3 Year Anniversary

ROS Industrial – A Backbone in the Future of Robotics As the ROS Industrial consortium honorably celebrates it 3 year anniversary they generated this impressive montage video. I simply can´t …