Blue Workforce acquired Coppelia Robotics – The V-REP Company

Blue Workforce A/S and Coppelia Robotics GmbH – Merged 28th December 2016.

Blue Workforce A/S, Denmark and Coppelia Robotics GmbH, Switzerland, has 28th December merged to pursue a shared vision on making robotics more AccessibleAffordable and Applicable/strong>. The decision is the outcome of 3 years of intensified talks, idea sharing and mutual inspiration on how the highly innovative products and business models on both sides demonstrate the power to radically relax and improve how robotics can be conceived by both, low- and high-end users. It became clear that a merged technology assert pool unbound, was the right way to proceed with the vision we shared. Both founders, Marc Freese from Coppelia Robotics GmbH, and Preben Hjornet from Blue Workforce A/S are experienced Roboticists with a long track records of bringing innovations into the global robot industry. “to me it became clear, that the V-REP simulation tool was a “one of a kind” and the only one which gave me confidence that I could model behavior close enough to be valid enough to give guarantee´s on the performance shown”. Preben continues “Once I got into direct contact with the inventor and founder of V-REP, Marc Freese, things began to move fast forward between us, on how we could merge the robotics platform of Ragnar Robotics and V-REP. Beyond the superior simulation capability, we have proven that the two together could add even more value to us and our customers as an emulation and real-time VR tracking tool. This has internally been a central part of our test, optimization and validation processes developing the Ragnar robotics”. Marc states “ It is a move that was mend to happen, and I’m excited about joining with Blue Workforce, and the extended opportunities it brings “ .

BlueReality™ – powered by V-REP.

Robotics System design – Drag-drop , parameter setting and you are done.


The first joined contribution to the Robotics Industry, will be – BlueReality™ – a V-REP powered Ease-of-Use  pure-configuration Robotics Design and Performance and feasibility Study Simulation VR tool-box. “We have been able to frame this so anyone with the capability to play an online computer game, also would be able to setup, run and optimize their own ideas on how to solve a Robotics System” say Preben Hjornet. He adds “.. and this is just the beginning, we will shortly announce the BlueReality™ including a large pool of tutorials, and real world Industrial production and packaging line scenes. BlueReality™ will radically change how you and your peers will be able to corporate in an Open Framework Community of Open Material Handling Robotics to down cost and short pass the present over-complicated, expensive and slow pass to get a Robot system defined, validated, manufactured, shipped, deployed and maintained. Think about how 3D printing looked 10 years ago, and observe how the 3D printing hacker and maker community disrupted this industry, together we will be able to lead a similar transition for the Industrial Robotics consumption”.

Blue Workforce A/S is now the sole shareholder of Coppelia Robotics GmbH, as Marc Freese the founder and prior owner of Coppelia Robotics GmbH, has converted his ownership to a Common Stock Shareholder in Blue Workforce A/S. Marc Freese stay on as the General Manager for Coppelia Robotics, and takes on a Board Position in Blue Workforce, together with CEO Blue Workforce Preben Hjørnet, VP Vestas Technology Carl Erik Skjølstrup and Chairwoman Charlotte Hjornet.