Blue Workforce Hires Vestas Chief

Blue Workforce hires Vestas chief with a past in the robot industry at Funen.

Blue Workforce is now ready to launch the RAGNAR robot platform on a larger scale and it requires a strengthened management with experience in platform development.

Blue Workforce, who in April could inform about a two-digit capital injection from a Chinese company, has from august 1st hired Carl Erik Skjølstrup as the right hand to entrepreneur, founder and owner Preben Hjørnet. Preben Hjørnet has developed the RAGNAR robot, that supported by the Blue Realty simulation package, enables cost effective, flexible and accessible automation, primarily for packaging in the food industry.

Preben Hjørnet: “It is with great pleasure that I welcome Carl Erik to Blue Workforce. We have had a common interest in intelligent automation and control, industry 4.0, platform thinking and disruptive innovation since we met at the Lindø Shipyard/OSS, when the robotization was at its peak in the 90’s ”

Carl Erik Skjølstrup has been employed at Vestas for 10 years first as Vice President, responsible for the development of all the mechanical systems in Vestas’ wind turbine platforms and since responsible for Vestas’ early innovation and concept development. He played the role of Chief Architect for developing concepts for Vestas’ business opportunities in the future’s digitized energy system.

As a Manager of the Lindø Yards Automation Development, Carl Erik Skjølstrup, in his time, created the foundation for Funen’s success within robotics by the introduction of Japanese robots integrated through European information- and production technology. A prime position that was confirmed when cooperation between the Shipyard and the University of Southern Denmark led to the establishment of the Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute.

After Lindø and Maersk Institute, Carl Erik Skjølstrup was responsible for Technology Procurement at LEGO for 5 years, while for three years he became acquainted with food industries as Managing Director of the Odense company NEWTEC.

“Although I’m still passionate about Vestas and sustainable energy, I’m extremely excited about this opportunity to get back to the robot industry and, together with Preben and the team, demonstrate how many different customers’ individual needs can be met by an intelligent intuitive combination of standardized technology components” says Carl Erik Skjølstrup
Blue Workforce was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Preben Hjørnet. The company develops and produces the RAGNAR robot primarily for packaging and pick and place in the food industry. During the last six months, the company has grown from 12 to 25 employees.