Last part of the investment is a reality

In Marts 2017 Blue Workforce entered an investment deal with a Chinese investor and business partner – now the final part of the deal has become a reality. This means that Blue Workforce is getting ready to rebuild itself further to live up to the great demand on the robots developed and built in Northern Jutland.

” We have already seen, during the past six months, that this agreement has brought fruit to both parties and we can see that we complement each other very well as we can draw on the many skills we have in the whole group. That is the synergy we need to continue the good course already laid in cooperation with the Asian partner company” says Preben Hjørnet, CEO of Blue Workforce A/S.

Blue Workforce A/S is founded by entrepreneur and robot-geek Preben Hjørnet, with the goal to revolutionize the robot industry within packaging and handling robots, and this plan not only goes for Denmark – the plan is to create a global company – and with the final investment settled that goal is another step closer to reality.

Since the first part of the investment became a reality Blue Workforce A/S have grown rapidly, from 5 employees to now having 20 employees in Denmark. Furthermore, there are also employees in Germany, Switzerland and China, which have been a part of the overall plan, which Preben Hjørnet have had for years, about creating a global company that can compete with the big robot companies of the world.

“We consider this investment circle to have some strong and valuable skills and a global mindset about being a partner in a global business. It has been an important selection criterion for choosing an investor” says Preben Hjørnet.

Together with the completed investment follows a joint Venture deal with the Chinese company Blue Workforce Robotics (Asia Pacific) Co., Ltd., with headquarter in Shenzhen, China who are to service and develop for the Asian market. The Asian partner company have bought itself a license to sell and produce the RAGNAR robot under the Blue Workforce brand and to participate in the continued product development.

With the enhanced resources Blue Workforce are well equipped to service its clients and accommodate the growth plans set by the company. The primary task for the Chinese partner company is to increase the sale and deliver the RAGNAR robot to the Chinese customers. Blue Workforce A/S will focus on the Northern European market where they already have systems running. That means that Blue Workforce will continue the growth also in the organization that need to be further developed and strengthened in Europe and China.

The market for simple and cost-effective robots for small and medium-sized businesses just awaits a solution that can meet the demands they have for productivity and efficiency. At the same time, several of the small and medium-sized companies have a desire to be part of the industry 4.0 and get all the benefits of robotizing and digitizing production.

This means that there is a huge market in front of the Blue Workforce who is eager to test RAGNAR in their production. As a result of the investment deal, these future customers can look forward to taking part in the new technology, and Blue Workforce can thus also meet the great interest there is in our RAGNAR robot.

About Blue Workforce

Blue Workforce produces robotic systems that can pick and place products in several different ways, no matter if the items are to be placed in even rows, in trays or they should be stacked in a box. Together with a specially designed gripper that matches the product, the RAGNAR robot can move and pack many different items ranging from cakes and cheese to chocolate and eggs. The RAGNAR robot is known to handle even the most fragile subjects and at a rate that far exceeds what the human body is capable of.

Blue Workforce was established in 2012 by Preben Hjørnet, CEO. The head office of Blue Workforce is located in Aalborg, North Jutland, Denmark and this is where both the development and production of the robots take place.